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Eye Exams with Children in Mind

Online vision tests are making waves, with some parents having their children’s vision tested on interactive websites for refractive errors. But these tests can’t replace a visit to the optometrist’s office.

A comprehensive eye exam for children includes:

  • Near and far vision testing
  • Colour detection
  • Binocular vision testing
  • Eye health assessment
  • Neurological assessment
  • Careful correction for any refractive errors

All that care and attention in our eye exams allow us to set your child up with contacts, frames, and lenses that take the burden off their eyes—if needed.

Monitoring Healthy Eye Growth

As your child grows, so do their eyes. From close to 14mm in infancy to almost 24mm by adulthood, a healthy range for your child’s eye length shifts. Growth that’s too slow or too fast could create complications that affect their vision.

Children have slightly different risks for eye diseases. So we look for several warning signs and act accordingly. Myopia control can sometimes reign in worsening myopia, but it can’t prevent an elongated eyeball shape.

Degenerative Myopia

A football-shaped eye indicates severe myopia called degenerative myopia. Without medical intervention, degenerative myopia increases the risk of a detached retina, abnormal blood vessel growth, and glaucoma.

Fitting your child with an updated glasses or contacts prescription can prevent them from developing uncomfortable symptoms, like eye strain or headaches.

Retinal Imaging

Your child’s retina, where the eye converts light into brain signals, is an important piece of the puzzle. If we suspect anything’s endangering your child’s retina, we’ll use retinal imaging to get to the bottom of it.

Your retina can be hard to see, but we can observe it in surprising detail with the right equipment. Fundus photography grants up to 2.5x magnification for close inspection of the delicate veins and light-detecting cells in your eye. For children at risk of or have diabetes, glaucoma, or high myopia, our optometrists can help.

Children’s Eye Exams for Optimal Health

Our eye exams for children are just as comprehensive as those for adults, but we focus on their development. Please book for your child today!


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