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Undergoing a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to monitor your ocular health and get a precise diagnosis for possible eye disease.

At Trailside Eye Care, we not only test your visual acuity but assess your overall eye health. If we find signs of complications, we can act quickly to protect your vision.

You can book an appointment for regular checkups, or let us know when you’re experiencing eye pain or sudden changes in your vision.

Common Eye Disease Symptoms


If you’re looking around, and you see a sudden flash of light out of nowhere, perhaps accompanied by floaters, it could be a symptom of posterior vitreous detachment or retinal detachment.

If you see thin, black floating objects wandering across your field of vision, it can be a sign that tissues inside your eye are shedding. Floaters are common and are not necessarily dangerous. But many of them, especially a sudden onset of floaters, could be a sign of an eye emergency.

If your eyes are irritated and uncomfortable, there could be a problem with the natural level of tears in your eyes, a condition called dry eye syndrome.

If the whites of your eyes are constantly red, pink, or veiny, you might have conjunctivitis. There are many types of conjunctivitis (pink eye), and it can be caused by an allergic reaction or bacterial or viral infection. You might need prescription antibiotics or antihistamines to help.

For some patients with keratoconus, the cornea can gradually wear down on the sides and bulge out in front. Patients typically go through these changes between the ages of 10 and 25. The shifting cornea may require a transplant if it advances too far. This degradation can be slowed using specially-fitted lenses, like scleral or rigid gas-permeable contact lenses.

Saving Your Vision Through Effective Management

Eye conditions like dry eye syndrome or conjunctivitis can’t always be resolved with over-the-counter solutions. It’s always advisable to see a qualified eye doctor for an accurate diagnosis and careful treatment plan.

At Trailside Eye Care, we’re here to help.

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