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Using Radiofrequency to Treat Dry Eyes

Trailside Eye Care is here to help you make dry eye symptoms a thing of the past, using innovative, cutting-edge technologies and treatments to help you find your solution.

Tempsure Envi uses radiofrequency to help alleviate dry eye symptoms that could be causing you discomfort. If you’re ready to start treating your acute or chronic dry eyes, it’s time to see your optometrist for a dry eye assessment. Get started today.

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What is Tempsure Envi?

Using radiofrequency technology that gently warms the skin, Tempsure Envi was originally created to help restore youthful looking skin. The way it stimulates collagen also stimulates oil glands around the eyes, releasing hardened materials and promoting healthier tears.

Quality and quantity are important when it comes to your eye’s tear production, and Tempsure Envi promotes both of these aspects, helping to treat dry eyes right at the source.

How Tempsure Envi Works

Your optometrist will apply the Tempsure Envi treatment to the areas around your eyes. The device utilizes a timer that indicates when the tissues have reached their therapeutic temperature, ensuring that you receive the correct amount of radiofrequency every time.

As the radiofrequency is delivered to your skin, it provides warmth to the tissues below the surface, helping to break up and liquify any hardened oils in the glands of your eyes. Promoting healthy glands allows oils to flow more freely to your eyes, increasing the quality of your tears and decreasing evaporative dry eye symptoms.

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