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The Idea Behind LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is designed to correct various refractive errors and improve vision without the need for eyewear.

LASIK’s reputation as the leading laser refractive surgery has grown over the years. As long as the qualification process is a discerning one, patients suffering from certain forms of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism stand a great chance of disposing of corrective lenses like glasses or contacts.

Helping Patients Begin Their Journey with Laser Eye Surgery

95% of LASIK patients are satisfied with their vision after LASIK. But we’re cautious because not everyone is an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery. You need a thorough assessment from a qualified eye care professional who can weigh your risks and benefits.

Please book a laser eye surgery consultation with us to see if you can live a life without glasses, contacts, or prescription sunglasses!

LASIK & PRK Laser Refractive Surgeries

While LASIK stands out as the top choice for many patients, there are other options that laser eye surgeons may recommend on a case by case basis.

PRK, first introduced in Canada in the late 1990s, involves partial removal of the outer layer of the cornea with a blade (or blunt object followed by vaporization with an excimer laser (also used in LASIK procedures).

LASIK involves creating a flap in the cornea so the tissues beneath can be reshaped. Using a computer-guided laser, precise amounts of tissue beneath the flap are removed based on your required prescription.

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